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DMCS Investissement Suisse is the legal structure that includes the subsidiaries based in Switzerland necessary to the smooth implementation of the project. It is the pillar that comprises the innovative technologies for international trade. It includes DMCS Software, DMCS Finance, DMCS Copter and DMCS Conseils.


ADMCS is a French-Swiss group set up to provide a solution to the huge amount of economic and environmental waste that blights the container market estimated to be worth 12 trillion dollars. To achieve that, our project includes two pioneering aspects:

  • Our end-to-end container management software, which unique in the world and accessible via a cryptocurrency.
  • The development of the world’s first eco-terminals. A base at Ittenheim in Alsace for the launch with AMCS Eco-Terminaux A base at Ittenheim in Alsace for the launch with AMCS Eco-Terminaux

DMCS Software

DMCS Software is the company developing SIRIUS, the container management software.

SIRIUS is a container management system that draws on the best technologies to optimise from one end of the multimodal supply chain to the other. It can generate savings of approximately 20% per journey.


  • Optimised routes
  • Better terminal availability
  • Digitalisation of processes (scanning of documents, rules, routes, legal)


  • Reduced costs and shorter implementation times
  • More reliable supply chain
  • Better scalability even in high traffic
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced carbon tax


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DMCS Finance

DMCS Finance Suisse marks a new step in the group’s development for activities linked to the crypto-assets. As the future financial intermediary regulated by the FINMA, DMCS Finance Suisse will be able to offer crypto-asset custody services as well as brokerage, meeting all the compliance regulations as far as its customers are concerned.


DMCS Conseils

DMCS Conseils provides consultancy services to companies wishing to build AMCS eco-terminals or other non-AMCS eco-friendly terminals. It holds the intellectual property of AMCS Eco-terminaux.


DMCS Copter

DMCS Copter is a helicopter transport service, with environmental mitigation linked to the DMCS Investissements buildings and the AMCS eco-terminals.


The ADMCS group

From an innovative idea to a concrete project to construct eco-terminals and a container management software solution based on advanced technologies.

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ADMCS and the environment

Our objective is to limit the impact of multimodal transport and its eco-terminals on the environment as far as possible.

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DMCS Investments Switzerland

The SIRIUS software platform operated by DMCS will be deployed first of all on these dry eco‐terminals to prove the concept, before it goes into production on a larger scale.

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