ADMCS andthe environment

ADMCS’s objective is to limit the impact of multimodal transport and eco-terminals on the environment as far as possible. Find out about the project!

ADMCS and impacts on the environment

The eco-terminals will be models of eco-design meeting the strictest standards of design and operation to minimise their impact on the environment (environment in the widest sense).

These criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • “Zero carbon” consumption;
  • No consumption of fossil fuels and materials;
  • Reduction or virtual elimination of noise pollution (e.g. by using electric motors);
  • Reduction of visual pollution to a minimum, both with regard to the environment around the site (exterior designed to blend in specifically with the environment around the terminal) and above it (reduction of light pollution by using luminaires that do not project beyond the horizon);
  • Planting around the buildings to capture CO2 and produce oxygen;
  • Collection and treatment of waste water using retention containers, filtering of rainwater but also runoff water to eliminate practices from tyres and containers.

This concern for the environment, as well as being essential given the issues facing our world, also embodies our concept of the multimodal supply chain: a chain where every player must be aware of their own environment, but also of their impact on the chain as a whole The environmental approach is intended to be an integral part of the concept and design of terminals that are more respectful of the environment and better integrated into our urban environment, so that they can be set up closer to where people live, namely the end customers, thanks to a natural integration that limits the use of “virgin” land.

The SIRIUS software will also have other features that reduce its environmental impact:

  • Carbon footprint included in the selection criteria for initial pricing
  • Immediate re-allocation of container lorries and cargo ships to reduce unladen return journeys
  • Optimised operational responses:
  • In the event of adverse climate events – adaptation of routes

The aim of the eco‐terminals and the software platform is to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

The ADMCS group

From an innovative idea to a concrete project to construct eco-terminals and a container management software solution based on advanced technologies.

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ADMCS Investment France

ADMCS is a French-Swiss group that was founded in 2020 to provide answers to the economic and environmental challenges facing the global container market, estimated to be worth 12 trillion dollars.

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DMCS Investments Switzerland

The SIRIUS software platform operated by DMCS is deployed on dry eco‐terminals to prove the concept, before it goes into production before it goes into production on a

larger scale.

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